Inspiring Excellence: EPSA 2023-24 General Report


Encouraging, showcasing, promoting, disseminating and exchanging best practices is a powerful tool for strengthening public administrations’ relevance and efficiency.”

The European Public Sector Award (EPSA) goes beyond the identification and the recognition of excellence and innovation. It serves as a dynamic platform for sharing best practices and fostering mutual learning in public administration.

Through EPSA, EIPA brings forward its mission of establishing a network of public excellence and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

I believe this is what Europe should be about: learning from each other and sharing experiences, so we can go strong together.”

In its ninth edition, under themed ‘Boosting Innovation Through Learning’, EPSA received over 150 applications from across Europe and beyond, encompassing three categories: Innovation in Public Administration, Green Transition and Sustainability, and Digital Transformation.

The projects were submitted from 27 different countries at all levels of government and three EU institutions. The biggest share of applications was made by national level entities (50%) followed by local (24%) and regional level of government (20%).

The highest number of applications was received in the category of Innovation in Public Administration (79 eligible projects); second highest number of applications was received in the category of Digital Transformation (54), and third was the category of Green Transition and Sustainability (18).

As regards geographical distribution, the highest number of projects originated from Western Europe (64 projects; 6 countries) and Southern Europe (52 projects; 6 countries). The remaining projects originated from Northern Europe (4 projects; 2 countries).

Here at EIPA, we are dedicated to our commitment to knowledge sharing. It is with great enthusiasm that we present the EPSA 2023-24 General Report, showcasing all submitted projects. These initiatives, also available in our Projects Database, enrich our repository and serve as a source of inspiration for public administrators.

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