European Public Sector Award (EPSA) 2023-24: 151 New Best Practices for the Public Sector


We are delighted to share that we received 151 eligible projects submitted from 27 different countries at all levels of government and three EU institutions. The widespread participation in the Award demonstrates the commitment of the public sector to continuous improvement to address the new challenges posed by the green and digital transformation.

The countries with the highest numbers of applications submitted are Austria and Spain followed by Italy, Ireland and Portugal.

Results for three categories

Diving into the specifics of each Award Category, the distribution of eligible projects is as follows:

  • 79 projects under Innovation in Public Administration
  • 18 projects under Green Transition and Sustainability
  • 54 projects under Digital Transformation

Start of evaluation phase

The application phase is closed but the EPSA journey has just started! What is next?

The spotlight now turns to a panel of independent experts from both the public and the private sector, who will assess and evaluate all eligible applications.

After the evaluation period, the three most exceptional projects in each category will emerge as nominees, while others showcasing outstanding innovation will receive well-deserved Good Practice Certificates.

Looking ahead, ultimate recognition awaits the final winners, who will be awarded and celebrated in the Award Ceremony set to take place in Maastricht next spring. The journey toward excellence has only just commenced, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to applaud and celebrate the outstanding achievements of all participants!

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