EPSA Validation Visits: Experiencing European Best Practices


Validation Visits

Throughout January and February, EIPA representatives conducted 9 on-site validation visits to the respective project teams in 7 countries: Austria (Klagenfurt on the way to climate neutrality by 2030), Ireland (Smart D8 and North East Inner City), the Netherlands (PHA2USE and Hansken), Romania (Baia Mare), Serbia (Portal of Register of administrative procedures), Spain (Robotic Process Automation in Justice), and Turkey (e-Nabiz).

These validation visits presented an invaluable opportunity to engage directly with project teams, stakeholders, beneficiaries, and political sponsors, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the political and practical challenges faced, and the innovative strategies employed to address them.

What is next?

All  insights garnered from these visits have been passed on to the Jury, enabling them to decide on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners during the online Jury Meeting scheduled for 29 February. Here, the nine project teams will showcase their endeavors, providing a firsthand glimpse into their innovative solutions.

The winners will be officially announced and celebrated during the EPSA 2023-24 Award Ceremony, which will be accessible online on 21 March.


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