Appointment of New Director of EIPA Luxembourg and Head of Institutional Relations


EIPA is pleased to announce the following appointments, which have entered into effect on 1 September 2021: Peter Goldschmidt has been appointed Head of Institutional Relations, and Petra Jeney has been appointed Director of EIPA Luxembourg.

On the occasion hereof, EIPA’s Director-General, Marco Ongaro, expressed his thanks to Petra and Peter for agreeing to take on these new roles, which aim to not only re-affirm but further strengthen EIPA’s position as the leading provider of learning and development services in European public affairs. He also thanked Peter Goldschmidt for his leadership of EIPA Luxembourg during 17 years, reinforcing EIPA’s reputation as a leading European-level provider of training and other EIPA services in the field of EU law and judicial training.

Petra Jeney

Director, EIPA Luxembourg

Head of Institutional Relations, EIPA Luxembourg

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