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Knowledge Sharing for Excellent Public Administrations: Leaders Teaching Leaders

30 März 2023
13.00 - 14.00

Background information

Knowledge sharing in organisations can take place in multiple directions such as horizontally (among colleagues at the same level of the hierarchy) and vertically (among the different levels of hierarchy such as knowledge flow from top to bottom or bottom to top).

Often, the immediate leaders can influence knowledge sharing within all these directions by developing a conducive or obstructive environment. How leaders interact and transmit trust within the organisation will help to deploy an efficient knowledge management culture, of openness and transparency.

What will the round-table cover?

  • Knowledge sharing in organisations;
  • Various factors that can affect knowledge sharing, including interpersonal trust, organisational culture, organisational support, and rewards;
  • The role of leaders in promoting knowledge sharing;
  • How employees who follow their leaders can contribute to and enhance the knowledge-sharing culture within an organisation.

EIPA moderator(s)

Gracia Vara Arribas

Gracia Vara Arribas

EU Law and Public Procurement, EU Governance, Head of the European CAF Resource Centre


External expert John Murphy

John Murphy

UK Civil Service Policy Profession Unit

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