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Dynamic Excellence with CAF: Agile Strategies for Advancing Continuous Improvements

5 Dezember 2023

Together, our speakers will explore dynamic approaches and agile strategies essential for advancing continuous improvements within public administration.

We will discuss key insights into harnessing change, fostering innovation, and implementing agile methodologies, empowering teams to excel in an ever-changing environment. Learn how public administrations can navigate challenges with resilience and drive lasting success through continuous evolution and improvement.

Agile principles emphasise flexibility, quick iterations, and continuous feedback. In this context, CAF Action Plans utilise agile methodologies to monitor progress, enabling swift adjustments based on real-time data, allowing efficient tracking of goals, promoting responsive decision-making, and ensuring streamlined implementation.

By integrating agile methods, CAF Action Plans enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and overall effectiveness in achieving targeted outcomes within public administration initiatives.

What will the round-table cover?

  • Explore the strategic approach of applying agile principles to manage, monitor and enhance the performance of the public sector, including CAF Improvement Actions
  • Underscore the significance of employing agile methodologies in tracking and managing the performance within the realm of public administration
  • Emphasise the need for adaptive monitoring techniques, highlighting quick iterations, continuous feedback, and responsive decision-making
  • Examine how the CAF can effectively implement and adjust improvement actions by embracing flexibility and finesse, ensuring a streamlined and responsive approach to achieve its objectives within the framework of the Common Assessment Framework, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of public administration initiatives

EIPA moderator(s)

Tihana Puzić

Deputy Head of the European CAF Resource Centre


portrait Elnur Mammadli

Elnur Mammadli

Innovation and Digital Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan
speaker photo danilo roncevic

Danilo Rončević

Government of the Republic of Serbia
Labor Law, Human Resource Development, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Pptimisation
portrait photo michael kallinger

Michael Kallinger

Head of Unit for Public Service Innovation in the Austrian Ministry for Arts

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