Enhancing the European Administrative Space (ComPAct): what it is (not) and what is (not) in it for the national administrations


and Martijn Pluim

On 25 October 2023, the European Commission presented the long awaited Communication “Enhancing the European Administrative Space (ComPAct)”. The Communication proposes a comprehensive set of measures to reinforce the capacities of public administrations across the EU to implement policies, anticipate and mitigate crises and manage structural transformations.

This blog reflects briefly on the context and scope of the Communication, and aims to explain in practical terms its implications and benefits for the Member States, what could it bring to the accession countries, how concrete actions will be funded and what is the roadmap for 2024.

What is ComPAct and what does it mean for the national administrations within and beyond the EU?

Read and download the full blog here (15 minute read).


This blog is part of EIPA broader and ongoing work on public administration capacity building through strategic networks, benchmarking and exchange of good practices: CAF centre, EPSA and the Benchmarking study


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