Latvian Presidency

Training the Latvian Public Administration

Between 2013 and 2014, we implemented a large-scale training programme to prepare the Lavian adminstration for the Presidency of the Council of the EU. Over the whole project time, EIPA delivered 6760 participant days and 157 activities during four modules:

  • The Institutional Framework and Legislative System of the EU
  • The Decision-Making Process of the EU
  • The Management of Meetings, Negotiation and Public Speech
  • The Development of the Documents of the EU

The training delivered by our staff received outstanding evaluations. Our programme recorded a very high success rate, which was rarely ever been reached in public administration training in the country. The Latvian School of Public Administration undertook a thorough research on the benefits of the programme, by gathering and then analysing the initial expectations and needs of the participants, as well as their level of satisfaction after the training. In this case too, the results reported seem to be extraordinarily high for this type of training.

With requests from the Latvian side for a greater amount of training than originally planned, the total number of participants, the training days and the scope of beneficiaries in the Latvian administration did in fact increase over the year. As evidence of this success, the very last training was organised just before Christmas for the Latvian delegation to the WTO in Geneva – a timing and target group which had not been envisaged at the outset. Several other departments of the Latvian administration also requested more training and team-building actions than the learning and development initially offered in the ‘Centralised substantive training’ – the official denomination of the programme.

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