Enhancing Knowledge Transfer: Transitioning to the 2020-2027 ESF+

Enhancing Knowledge Transfer: Transitioning to the 2020-2027 ESF+

Between June 2021 and June 2022, EIPA  provided two training seminars for  the Belgian Actiris Sint-Joost-ten-Node (ACTIRIS) with the overarching aim of equipping participants with practical insights on the lessons learned from ESI-funded programmes under the topic of “La transition du FSE de la période 2014-2020 vers le FSE+ du 2020-2027: Comment implémenter au mieux les nouveaux Programmes Opérationnels’’.

The  specific objectives included the following:

  • Provide specific information to the Member State on ESI funded programmes and good implementation practices (based on real project examples);
  • Exchange information on existing practices in the Member State, lessons learnt, achievements, areas of improvement.

EIPA’s responsibilities included:

  • Overall contract management
  • Design and implementation of tailor-made training courses
  • Design and delivery of (e-learning) solutions
  • Production of training materials
  • Organisation and logistical support of training
  • Evaluation of training

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