How CAF results influenced on the making of a new strategy

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2012

Elaborating a new strategy for the 2011‐2015 period, NCIS management wanted to involve the organisation and a CAF survey was conducted in 2009. The management team discussed findings from the survey and the following focus areas were selected:

‐ Improve the management of technology and ICT security
‐ Integrate continuous improvement as a part of NCIS culture
‐ Adopt and implement communications strategy
‐ Improve management of information and knowledge
‐ Strengthen the foundations of the strategy and business plans
‐ Evaluate structural and organizational changes (reorganizations)

The CAF survey findings provided baseline information in the elaboration of a new strategy. NCIS’ presentation will explain how some findings were given a prominent place in the new strategy and how the organisation has operationalized the focus areas in specialist departments.

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Written by: Berit Lima, Quality Supervisor/Project Coordinator and Hilde Bjørnstad, Senior Adviser to NCIS Director/Central Management
of National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), Norway

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