Effective Improvement as a Result of CAF Self-Assessment in units for Child, Youth and Family Services (Bufetat), Southern region, Norway

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2008

Implementation of CAF as a quality model in the Regional Office for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufetat) Southern Norway is a project running from October 2005 to March 2009. The vision is that all our units will provide services of correct professional quality. The objective is to implement CAF in 90 % of the region’s units before the end of 2008.

A pilot project was carried out in 2005/06. Against the background of experience gained on the pilot project an internal work and registration folder was developed (based on the EU’s first revised CAF version, 2003) as well asa “CAF documentation folder”. The implementation process was established and performed on the basis of experience gained on the pilot project and with the help of the developed material.

The results of the CAFassessments at the different units are the foundation for prioritising the areas for improvement. Each unit has developed an improvement protocol and action plan with concrete targets, improvement measures, operating plan and description of the allocation of responsibilities.

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Written by: Felix Kühn
of Regional Office for Children, Youthand Family Affairs (Bufetat), Norway

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