Data protection: what would you do if you lost everything?


Losing your important files, data and information happens more often than you think. Yet 30% of us never perform a backup. This makes no sense, especially with the knowledge that 1 in 10 computers become infected every month with a virus that can lead to a PC crash. If you are one of these people, World Backup Day on Sunday 31 March is just what you need.

Don’t be an April fool

Over the past two years, we have created and stored more information than all previous years combined! So it’s now even more important to protect your legacy and back up your data. If you are not yet completely convinced, then be sure to have a look at this short clip.


Get GDPR ready

Fortunately, data and data security have been a top priority for many organisations since the introduction of the GDPR. This makes sense, because this law imposes obligations to ensure adequate protections for data processing and to report data leaks. But as is always the case: prevention is better than cure.

Our Data Protection training courses cover this and more. In just two days, you will learn all the ins and outs of the GDPR and how to apply it in your daily work – even if you have no previous knowledge.


More information about our GDPR seminars.


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