EIPA ProcurCompEU Certificate

EIPA ProcurCompEU Certificate

The European Commission has designed a tool called ProcurCompEU, with a competency matrix and a self-assessment tool to create a tailor-made training curriculum, flexible and adaptable to all organisations.

EIPA offers – on request – coaching services to comply with the European Commission Competency Matrix and the Self-Assessment Tool.

We help participants to explore their current public procurement capacity through self-assessment, detect the missing knowledge and skills for future professional goals, and prioritise the needs and selection of tailor-made training. At the end of the process participants will be awarded the EIPA ProcurCompEU Certificate.

Become skilled in using the European Commission Competency Framework and Self-Assessment Tool to assess how you can develop your current public procurement capacity to reach your future professional goals.

Phase ISelf-assessment in Your Organisation

This will be facilitated by using one of the predefined ProcurCompEU job profiles. The results of your competency analysis will identify areas where there is a need to upskill your teams, and we will accompany you in the preparation of the training curriculum for it.

Phase IIGeneric Training Curriculum Basic and Intermediate Levels

This programme will certify your level of professionalisation in public procurement from a basic to intermediate, in the different competencies accredited throughout the various modules.

Phase IIIGeneric Training Curriculum Advanced Level

Advance level training combined with peer-to-peer exchange and coaching among experts from different organisations.

Do you want more information about this certificate?

For questions about this certificate, please contact Ms Gracia Vara Arribas at g.vara-arribas@eipa.eu