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Support from the
European Commission
and the Member States

EIPA receives financial support from its member countries and the European Commission. Besides these statutory contributions, in 2019 the host countries of EIPA Luxembourg and EIPA Barcelona subsidised them financially, as well as contributing to housing and related costs.

Contributions to basic costs and subsidies in 2019

“The course was an excellent opportunity to understand the core features of EU impact assessments. The program is brilliantly organised, combining theoretical aspects and practical exercises.”

Olesea Ghedrovici
Senior Policy Advisor
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Training courses

Our open enrollment training courses are the perfect example of how we bridge theory and practice when it comes to the latest developments and upcoming challenges in key areas of European affairs and public management. They offer participants from all over Europe the chance to get involved in practice oriented discussions with leading experts and counterparts from other countries and institutions.

Open seminars
Course days

Where do our participants come from?


In 2019, we offered and hosted more than 500 contract activities, enabling us to reach a wide audience not only at the EU Institutions, bodies and agencies, but also in the EU Member States, candidate countries and other countries. We are pleased that our services were once again requested by such distinguished partners and that we implemented an extensive range of activities.

Contract activities
Course days

Percentage of participants in terms of contract activities in 2019

Services to the
European Union

Since 2002, we have won four successive multi-annual framework contracts for services to support learning and development of EU staff in the field of European and international affairs, governance and EU law. While we managed the first two on our own, the third and fourth were won by a consortium led by us together with the College of Europe and Lattanzio Learning. In 2016, we also won the framework contract on policy making and strategic management, in partnership with Capita Business Services.

Annual total number of activities organised by EIPA and consortium partners for the EU institutions, bodies and agencies, 2009-2019

Number of activities organised by EIPA and consortium partners for the EU Institutions, bodies and agencies, 2019

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Highlights in 2019

The European
Public Sector Award 2019

Since its launch in 2007, EIPA’s EPSA award scheme has received, assessed, and made accessible nearly 1400 public practices from 39 European countries and the European institutions.

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The new
CAF 2020

The core of CAF2020 is a questionnaire with 200 examples of selfassessment of public organisations. The aim of the CAF is to initiate a continuous improvement process and to create the conditions for efficient and high-quality public services.

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