EU Quality Conferences

  • 8th European Quality Conference
    Luxembourg (LU), 1-2 October 2015
    Details will follow soon.
  • 3th Quality Conference – Making Opportunities Work
    Rotterdam (NL), 15-17 September 2004
    Main themes: Leadership, customer orientation, e-Government, partnerships, change management, measurements, TQM models, cost-effectiveness, staff development. About the content: 65 best practices were presented. According to the summary of the conference the future challenges of quality management include paying more attention to leadership development, enhancing competitiveness of public sector as a employer, bettering the management of diversity and enhancing the use of ICT in service delivery. Also the relationship between public sector and civil society need attention. 85 percent of the conference participants felt they received new ideas for their future work and 94 percent would recommend others to participate in Quality Conference 4.
  • 2nd Quality Conference – Innovation, Change, Partnership
    Copenhagen (DK), 2-4 October 2002
    About the content: Launch CAF 2002, 49 best practices were presented. The key findings of the conference highlighted that more attention for users' demands is required, quality improvement is an ongoing process of trial and error, more attention is required for problems and barriers since these areas will teach us the most. 74 percent of the participants went home with new ideas for improvement. 89 percent would recommend others to participate in Quality Conference 3.
  • 1st Quality Conference – Sharing Best practices
    Lisbon (PT), 10-12 May 2000
    Main themes: New Millennium, New Public Management, Total Quality Management, Internet and the new technology, Citizen Orientation. About the content: Presentation of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF 2000), 39 best practices, the usefulness of best practices as a learning tool.