CAF External Feedback

Labelling effective CAF users

Most quality management tools have recognition schemes to evaluate assessments that have taken place in an organisation. The CAF up to now did  not have such a system. Within the CAF expert group a number of volunteers – Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, EFQM and the CAF Resource Centre in EIPA – have crossed the Rubicon and paved the road for the implementation of CAF External Feedback.

The goals of this feedback procedure are as follows:

  1. Support the quality of the CAF implementation and its impact on the organisation.
  2. Find out if the organisation is installing TQM values as the result of the CAF application.
  3. Support and renew enthusiasm in the organisation for continuous improvement.
  4. Promote peer review and bench learning.
  5. Reward organisations that have started the journey towards continuous improvement to achieve excellence in an effective way, without judging their obtained level of excellence.
  6. Facilitate the participation of CAF users in the EFQM Levels of Excellence.

The external feedback will be carried out by Feedback actors - peers and experts in TQM – who will come to the organisation and gather evidence on how the institution has prepared, implemented and followed up the CAF self assessment process.

This assessment will be structured in a three-pillar system:

  1. The process of self-assessment: have the different steps of applying the CAF been implemented effectively;
  2. The process of improvement actions: did the organisation start up successfully improvement actions;
  3. The TQM maturity of the organisation: built around the 8 Principles of Excellence (EFQM), putting the actions/ steps into a broader scope and looking at the impact on the organisation

After going through this process the organisation will or will not receive the label of 'Effective CAF User'. This label however will be limited in time.

The procedure has been launched at the end of 2009. You will find the English version here.  

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