CAF Brochure

Self-Assessment against the CAF model offers the organisation an opportunity to learn more about itself. Compared to a fully developed Total Quality Management model, the CAF is designed to be a user-friendly introductory model. CAF has the advantage of being compatible with the other models and may therefore be a first step for an organisation wishing to go further with quality management. In the CAF brochure the following topics are described:
  • principles of the module
  • the structure (criteria and sub-criteria)
  • scoring panels
  • guidelines to apply
  • glossary and explanatory terms

CAF Brochure - 2013
The CAF 2013 has been launched at the 5th European CAF Users’ Event in Oslo on 27-28 September 2012. You can find the English version here.
For information on the CAF revision click here.
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CAF Brochure - 2006
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