About the library

EIPA's library houses a collection of some 30,000 volumes on European issues, political science, law and economics. It also subscribes to approximately 350 periodicals. It has the status of European Documentation Centre.

Leo Mertens 
Tel. +31 (0)43/ 3296 331


The monographs cover EIPA's main areas of interest:

  • National and European law
  • European public administration and public management
  • European policies
  • External relations of the European Union
  • International and European economy

These publications are classified according to a self-devised classification system. Moreover, the EUROVOC thesaurus can also be used.

A) Official Publications of the EU

European Documentation Centre Image

In 1990, EIPA was granted the status of a European Documentation Centre (EDC), which means that it receives all official publications of the European Union institutions in English. However, the main EU documents are also available in French. Some official documents are only available on microfiche, such as older EP reports, OJs and COM documents. The collection is housed separately in the basement of the library and classified according to the classification system of the Office for Official Publications in Luxembourg; this classification system is clearly indicated next to the shelves.
B) Official Publications of the Council of Europe
In the course of 1994, the library was granted the status of Depositary Library, which means that it receives all the official publications of the Council of Europe, mainly in English.
They are classified according the Council's own classification system and are also stored separately in the basement.


As with the monographs, the periodicals cover the main interests of the Institute. They are shelved at the far end of the upper floor, in alphabetical order, the latest issues being on display. The earlier volumes are shelved nearby. The volumes prior to 1985 are shelved in the basement.

The serials (mainly economic) such as statistical yearbooks and the OECD economic surveys and outlooks, are shelved in the economics section in the basement.


EIPA has access to several databases, via Internet and on CD-ROM.


EIPA is a member of the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR)