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Overview training courses EIPAEIPA’s training courses address the latest developments and upcoming challenges in key areas of European affairs and public management, for example, the challenges posed by new European legislation, procedures or initiatives.

They offer participants the possibility to share in practice-oriented discussions with leading experts and counterparts from other countries and institutions. The training courses are short and to the point; intensive and interactive.

Most aim to update knowledge and deepen understanding of the European environment in which people operate and the particular policy areas they need to master. Others provide an opportunity to acquire or upgrade skills in a multicultural context.

EIPA plays a proactive role on the European scene and frequently creates opportunities to open up new avenues in the training of public administrations.

We provide:

  • open enrolment programmes – organised by the Institute on its own initiative and for which participants register individually. The training courses give the opportunity to benefit from the interaction between a multinational group of participants and experts. Many courses can also be delivered on request at the clients’ premises or at one of the Institute’s Centres.
  • Request tailor-made trainingtailor-made trainings developed and designed by EIPA’s specialised staff in close collaboration with our client organisations to meet their specific needs and priorities, and which are based around core modules that have been market tested at European level over the years.

    EIPA regularly organises seminars at the request of the Institutions of the European Union. The training of officials from these Institutions currently represents around 20% of all participants of the Institute’s training activities. For a second time, EIPA was awarded the framework contract with the European Commission for training on “EU Governance”, which has now also been extended to the European Parliament, the General Secretariat of the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions and most European Agencies.

    Similarly, EIPA develops activities for national governments, addressing their specific needs for training. An example of this is the series of seminars on the Presidency, which aims to prepare senior officials of national administrations to hold the six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Another example is training on the coordination of law approximation, how to respond to infringement procedures and state liability law suits.
In addition to its regular programmes, EIPA organises summer schools on various topics, as well as specialised Master programmes in collaboration with renowned universities throughout Europe.

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