Recent Acquisitions


The single market and cohesion policy dyad : battered by the crisis and globalisation
Jouen, Marjorie / Notre Europe / 2014


The fire power of the financial lobby : a survey of the size of the financial lobby at the EU level
Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) / CEO / 2014


Monetary policy and balance sheet adjustment
Issing, Otmar / SAFE / 2014


The Commission reform : between efficiency and legitimacy
Bertoncini, Yves / Notre Europe / 2014


Innovative cities
Simmie, James / Spon Press / 2001


Russia's "pivot" to Eurasia
Liik, Kadri / European Council on Foreign Relations / 2014


Forward guidance : a new challenge for Central Banks
Issing, Otmar / SAFE / 2014


Auf der suche nach exzellenz in der kommunalen o?ffentlichen Verwaltung : sieben wege zum erfolg
Bosse, Julia / EIPA / 2013


Im Schatten der Lowflation
Weichenrieder, Alfons J. / SAFE / 2014


Europe is our story : towards a new narrative for the European Union
Scott, Demot / IIEA / 2014


Towards better living and working conditions
Eurofound / EUR-OP / 2014


European energy : consumers' rights : what you gain as an energy consumer from European legislation
DG for Energy / Publications Office / 2014


To agree or disagree? : elite opinion and future prospects of the transatlantic partnership
Isernia, Pierangelo / Transworld / 2014


How to finish the euro house
Legrain, Philippe / Centre for European Reform / 2014


Curtailing capture through the european banking union : a note of caution
Woll, Cornelia / Frankfurt am Main / 2014


Handing over leadership : transatlantic environmental governance as a functional relationship
Cusumano, Eugenio / Transworld / 2014


Globalisation and the future of the welfare state
Chen, Yu-Fu / Institut fur Weltwirtschaft an der Universitat Kiel / 2014


A monetary union requires a banking union
Geeroms, Hans / College of Europe / 2014


Eurozone sovereign debt restructuring is unavoidable
Ryan, John / Madariaga College of Europe Foundation / 2014


Zeven levens : op weg naar succes met het Europees Sociaal Fonds : ontdek het traject van zeven begunstigden van het Europees Sociaal fonds
Miel, Rudi / Bureau voor publicaties van de Europese Unie / 2014


Labour law and working conditions
European Commission. Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion / Publications Office of the European Union / 2014


The European Commission 1973-86 : history and memories of an institution
Bussie?re, E?ric / Publications Office / 2014


Investing in people: EU funding for employment and social inclusion
European Commission. Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs / Publications Office of the European Union / $ [2014]


Mapping youth transitions in Europe
Mascherini, Massimiliano / Office for Official Publications of the European Communities / 2014


Buying services everwhere in the EU : a practical guide for consumers
EUR-OP / 2014


Les risques psychosociaux : mieux prevenir pour mieux travailler : guide de la campagne : prevention du stress et des risques psychosociaux au travail
Agence europeenne pour la securite et la sante au travail / Publications Office / 2013


Fortalecimiento del alto gobierno para el diseno, conduccion y evaluacion de politicas publicas
Grau, Nuria Cunill / CLAD / 2014


La reconnaissance des situations en droit international prive? : actes du coloque internationale de La Haye du 18 janvier 2013
Lagarde, Paul / Editions PEDONE / [2013]


The crime of conspiracy in international criminal law
Okoth, Juliet R. Amenge / Asser Press / [2014]


The Emergence of EU Criminal Law : cyber crime and the regulation of the information society
Schwarzenegger, Christian / Hart Publishing / 2014


European Union law
Barnard, Catherine / Oxford University Press / [2014]


Rome II Regulation : pocket commentary
Huber, Peter / Sellier, European Law Publishers / cop. 2011


L'application du droit national, international et europeen
Berge, Jean-Sylvestre / Dalloz / 2013


The accession of the European Union to the European Convention on Human Rights
Gragl, Paul / Hart / 2013


Implementing mentoring schemes : a practical guide to successful programs
Klasen, Nadine / Butterworth-Heinemann / 2001