Focus areas

European Decision-Making

One of EIPA's core activity areas concerns European decision-making. The Institute aims to help public officials to both understand how European decisions are reached and how to participate effectively in EU policy-making processes. Regular courses are offered on decision-making procedures, impact assessment, European negotiations, committees and comitology, the Council Presidency, and European information. The activities focus mainly on the EU Institutions and the generation of EU law, but also address non-legislative approaches, as well as the role of European agencies and other actors.

European Public Management

EIPA's activities in the field of European Public Management deal with the question of how European integration and changes are influencing public administration in the Member States. Topics on which the Institute offers training, studies and consultancy services include change management, quality management, human resource management, use of new technology, relations with the private sector, communications, coordination and implementation tools. An ongoing development is the training in e-Government.

Within this competence, EIPA focuses on examining the European integration process from the national governments' point of view. Extensive comparative research conducted by EIPA for the Presidency of the EU through EUPAN (European Public Administration Network) is a good source of information.

European Policies

In the field of European Policies, EIPA deals with all EU issues related to the internal market, including public procurement, mutual recognition and the four freedoms, as well as the main EU policies in the fields of agriculture, competition, trade, regional policy, monetary policy and the environment. The activities have recently been expanded to areas such as migration and climate change.

European Union Law

EIPA's training and coaching activities in the field of EU law address the needs of judges, public prosecutors and state attorneys, non-judge court staff, EU and national officials and private sector lawyers. The activities aim to strengthen the transposition, application and enforcement of EU legislation by the national administrations and legal systems, and, to improve the quality and management of justice.

The majority of these activities are organised by EIPA Luxembourg - European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, which also organises an online Masters programme in European Legal Studies and an annual summer school on the law of the European Union and its implementation.

Regional and EuroMed Activities

Through its Centre in Barcelona EIPA offers training and consultancy to support mainly regional and local authorities in dealing with the European integration process. The Antenna organises seminars, carries out comparative analysis between administrations, stimulates cooperation between them and disseminates best practices. In addition, it carries out training programmes for the public administrations of the Mediterranean Partners in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Since 2002 EIPA Barcelona has been the Programme Management Unit for five regional programmes: EuroMed Market Programme (2002-2009), EuroMed Training of Public Administrations (2004-2009), EuroMed Justice I (2005-2007) and EuroMed Justice II (2008-2010); and currently it runs the EuroMed Justice III project (2011-2014).