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UK PFI review addresses issues in EIPA PPP study

Questions posed in the UK Finance Ministry review of PFI policy launched last month 
echo issues raised in EIPA’s book on PPP in September 2007 (“PPP – A decision maker’s guide” by Michael Burnett).

These include questions such as: 

  • What if any role should public sector capital play in the financing of the construction or operational phase of PFI contracts?
  • Should the public sector limit the transferability of PFI equity?
  • Could public sector co-investment or joint venturing be used alongside private sector equity in PFI contracts?
  • Are there particular ways in which the public sector approach to contract management can be improved in order to manage contracts more cost effectively?
  • Should there be more and/or earlier break points in PFI contracts?
  • How much financial transparency should be there be in future PFI contracts?

Michael Burnett, PPP Expert at EIPA, commenting on the UK review, said “This policy review is long overdue. It highlights many important PPP issues which we first raised five years ago”.

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