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Founded in 1981, the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) is a non-profit organisation and the only institute of public administration with a truly European character, linked to the European Union and providing a variety of services to national administrations and the EU institutions in support of their tasks and responsibilities related to European integration. The mission of the Institute is to make a practical contribution to the European integration process by way of training, consultancy, applied research, and publications on the EU institutions and decision-making processes, EU policies, law, and public management and governance. In this context, ICT and public administrations and eGovernment are playing an increasingly prominent role in EIPA's activities.

The headquarters of EIPA are in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Since 1992, the Institute has extended its facilities to other EU Member States. EIPA has a (liaison) office in Brussels, an antenna (branch) in Luxembourg where professionally-oriented training is provided on European legal and procedural issues to lawyers, judges and public officials, and an antenna in Barcelona where the European Centre for the Regions (ECR) is located. On 1 January 2002, an EIPA antenna called the European Training Centre for Social Affairs and Public Health Care (CEFASS) was opened in Milan.

EIPA has been entrusted by the European Commission, DG Information Society, in the framework of an accompanying measure of the IST programme, with the organisation and management of the eEurope Awards.

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