EIPA is the leading centre of European learning and development for the public sector.

Focus Areas

European Decision-Making

Through our courses, consultancy and research activities we help public officials to understand both how European decisions are reached and how to participate effectively in EU policy-making processes.

European Policies

We cover the internal market and the main EU policies. Our activities aim to improve the knowledge and skills of policy makers, civil servants and other practitioners who deal with EU policies.

European Public Management

We deal with the question of how European integration and ongoing changes influence the public administrations in the Member States and offer training, consultancy and research on a broad range of topics.

European Union Law

Through our European Centre for Judges and Lawyers in Luxembourg we help you to better understand the nature, content and interpretation of EU law, and identify good practices in its application and enforcement.

Regional Affairs

We offer training, consultancy and research on regional affairs with the aim to support regional and local authorities in dealing with the European integration process.




Open for registration

Working with Impact Assessment at the EU Level
9-10/Apr/2015 • Maastricht  •  Fee: € 950
Financial Management of EU Structural and Investment Funds
13-14/Apr/2015 • Maastricht  •  Fee: € 950
Tutorial: Project Cycle Management: A Technical Guide
15-17/Apr/2015 • Maastricht  •  Fee: € 1150
Mastering Impact Evaluation: Strategies, Methods and Tools
20-21/Apr/2015 • Maastricht  •  Fee: € 950
Internal and External Audit of the EU Funded Programmes and Projects
28-30/Apr/2015 • Barcelona  •  Fee: € 1060
Services of General Economic Interest and State Aid
28-29/Apr/2015 • Maastricht  •  Fee: € 950
The New EU Procedural Rights for Suspects, Accused Persons and Victims
4-5/May/2015 • Luxembourg  •  Fee: € 825

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